About Us

Businesses come from far and wide to share experiences, meet new business contacts, extend their network, learn of new opportunities and above all, draw on the mass of information we have available on our databank and through our networks!

Plugged into practically every industry, from construction to tourism, from investment and agriculture to mining and manufacturing, from import and export to marketing and advertising, even special events.

Speakers from local, provincial and national government, from big businesses, local and national, converge on the meetings and address members to outline their projects.

Members are encouraged to submit company profiles for distribution.

Company Profile – Established March 2001

1. Overview

The Business Initiative was established to fill a significant gap that has been discovered in the business market today. Within the old political dispensation business was executed under a set of rules that no longer applies. Businesses are now required by government to comply with a different set of rules. These rules in itself are not always fully understood. Because of the ever changing business landscape and the constantly evolving business demands, business people need a business organisation that have created the necessary networks to connect to local and national government as well as the business community on a regional level. Only by being connected to such a network will business grow and prosper. We have created such a network.

We strive to increase awareness of competitive products manufactured in the region. Thus, as we all should proudly buy South African we should also proudly buy the products manufactured in our own regions. In most cases within our own region our metropolitan services does business with businesses outside our own economic region.

Marketing the businesses of our members is an enormous priority as we want our members to receive benefit by joining this institution. Marketing has several facets and many if not all avenues will be made available to members.

The primary aim is to promote and enhance the businesses of its members so as to enable them to provide additional labour openings.
What is needed in this venture will be that we all take hands in support of one another and make this strong alliance a huge success.

2. Goals

We want to create the initiative that will assist its members in areas such as:

Networking, where we will bring businesses together to interact and find common ground.

Arrange for membership meetings on regular intervals where members in turn are able to promote their organisations to other members.

Negotiating, with local metropolitan council and other organisations to assist business with difficulties that might be experiencing at any given time.

Providing members the edge to become more competitive within the region.

Providing members access to a membership intranet where new information may be posted regarding member organisations.

Growing the economy within the region.

Create opportunities for members to interact and share benefits.

3. Services

Free services that will be provided include the following:

Networking Meetings

Listing on SA Business Index 

Website Set up

Business Centre at Head Office including Tea, Coffee, Internet, Printing, Faxing and Copying 

Hirsch Discount Card

Marketing and Business Plans 

Email Blast 

4. Vision

Will strive to:
Further the interest of all members and affiliated members by negotiating with, entering into agreements and collaborating with Government any Association, Organisation, Chamber, Institution or Authority.
Embark in training and business development initiatives to create job opportunities in local communities on a national level in South Africa.
Promoting to commercial network to the South African consumer in offering an affordable and quality product and services in a competitive South African economy.
To continue with the weekly networking meetings in all regions

5. Mission

To become the Initiative every company would want to become a member of. Through our professional service offerings become the leader in our field of business. Is a trusted partner for members and who is foremost seen to become a natural extension of member operations?
Stimulate local economical growth.
Create careers and job opportunities in all business sectors in South Africa.
Offer the South African consumer / industry quality services offered by participating members on the commercial network that is real good value for money.

6. Conclusion

It is clear that it becomes more and more difficult to become successful as a company in the business world today. Business needs additional resources and assistance just to survive. The business market being a cuthroat environment we see ourselves us the arm that makes the difference

Through offering our services we intend placing our members in the highest category of success. Although we do not decide their end goals we certainly can smooth the road and make problems easier.

We are the Business Initiative with vision and one hundred percent support for our members.

We encourages members to come and do their deals on the floor during the meetings.