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About Us:

PR and Communications business.

The focus is finding the hook in the business that will get them noticed.

Background: Journalism an PR for many years

Clients include: Hirsch’s and Marlene Powell

About us:

We started building For Your Eyes Only in 2015. Since then our focus has always been on providing 100% satisfaction to our customers.

We value each customer as a member of the FYEO family by giving them the best possible and making them feeling right at home.

Our approach is client-centric whilst offering exceptional quality service.

What we believe in:




Our mission: To supply customers with exceptional service in addition to maintaining and building good.


Shop 7, equestria Shopping Centre, c/o Simon vermooten and Furrow road, Equestria, Pretoria East

Tel: 012 807 6919 / 4842


Shop 134, Wonderpark Centre, c/o Brits & Henrich Road, Karenpark, Pretoria North

Tel: 082 294 5010 / 061 510 9010