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32nd Avenue 297

Villieria, 0186

About us:

SmartMob is a Systems Engineering and Software Development firm based in Pretoria, South Africa.  SmartMob's focus is to provide customers with smarter custom solutions to business needs.  We use cutting edge hardware and software solutions, engineered to fit your requirements like a glove!

SmartMob spesializes in hybrid, mobile applications that use a single code base to work on Apple devices, Android devices, modern web browsers and can even be installed as applications on Windows and Apple computers.

The development platform is extremely modular and we have a lot of modules on the shelf that we can customize for your needs.

This means that we can develop your custom solution at only 30-50% of the price of competitors.

We also do Rapid Application Development (RAD) where applicable and also general software applications and web scripts.


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